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A Night of Bahamian Culture through Food, Music and Art!

IGNITE is Chef Simeon’s latest food venture in his stellar series of events that brought together the talents of several Bahamian, Caribbean and other global Chefs who participated in an event reminiscent of the way our ancestors prepared food in The Bahamas – with no gas, no electricity, and no modern equipment. Just amazing culinary dishes prepared with raw skills and authentic talent!


Coupled with an amazing all-Bahamian entertainment lineup, mini art show and an exquisite secret venue, the production was a throwback of the dinner shows at the old Crystal Palace Theater, The Silver Slipper or The Cat and The Fiddle, infused with the pulsating beats of goatskin drums, cow bells and conch shell horns. The evening was certainly both memorable and emotional as our creative artisans of the diaspora reminded us all of the importance of The Bahamas' role in preserving, enhancing and sustaining global culture today. 


Ignite: Bahamian Culinary History - Retold

The main event featured twelve (12) Chefs; Bahamian, Caribbean and International, who relied solely on pure culinary genius, to prepare and serve delightful meals without any gas, electricity or modern equipment. Specifically invited guests were treated to dishes, musical and artistic performances which highlighted and reinvented traditional Bahamian cultural experiences and retold Bahamian history through a vibrant culinary and artistic lens. 

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Juicy Fruit - Bodine
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 Written by Bodine Produced by Rik Carey

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